Winter Issues with Garage Doors

When you have to battle with harsh winters of Ohio, they are unforgiving to us, our cars, our homes, and even our garage doors. Most of these issues can be alleviated by having a heated garage, but some may still show up. There are some things you will want to watch out for during these winter months and here are a few of them.

Buildup of Ice between Garage Door Panels

When this happens, your garage doors can come to a dead stop. Do not try to force it open, as this may cause irreparable damage. Instead, if you are able to work it safely, you can do so. But you also need to be careful when warming. Too much heat can damage the door or paint.

Buildup of Ice on Weatherstripping

Thought the buildup of ice on the weatherstripping may not be as devastating as ice between panels, it comes with its own set of issues. When the door lifts, it may not stop entirely, but instead, tear the weatherstripping. If this happens, the seal on your garage door will be compromised, which may keep your garage from properly keeping heat and may also allow snow to enter your garage.

Remote Sensor Damage

The cold is no friend to electronics. Though permanent damage is not likely, it is possible. This chance of damage increases if you leave your remote in your cold car. As it warms up with the inside air temperature of the car, it can actually break. If there was a significant amount of moisture in the air before the temperature dropped, this possibility is even higher.

What to Do If It Happens to You

The first step is prevention. You may not be able to stop Mother Nature from pouring snow, ice, and cold temperatures on you, but you can take steps to make these issues less of a burden to you. We all love to be able to get into our cars without having to clean them off before taking off, but if you know a significant ice event is on the way, you may want to think about not using your garage until most of the ice has melted. You will have to deal with the inconvenience of scraping your car off, but this is minor compared to your car being stuck in your garage due to it being iced closed. You can also take your remote inside with you, so it doesn’t have to worry about if it is getting too cold, which makes the components and plastic casing more brittle.

But if you do run into any of these issues, contact your local garage door professional to look at options on getting your life back to normal.

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