garage door with brick arch

5 Signs Your Garage Door Needs Serviced

Garage doors don’t last forever but it can be hard to tell when it’s time to get it looked at by a professional who specializes in residential garage door service. Here are a few things to look out for: It Won’t Open or Close – This is the most obvious sign of needed repair however […]
garage door that loks like barn doors

A Garage with a Rustic Look

The rustic garage door trend is everywhere, especially in our Lexington, Ohio client area. I think we have all been to a rustic wedding recently. And timber frame homes are making a return, because of the beauty they give. If you want a rustic look to your new or existing home, here are some options […]
broken garage door

7 Quick Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Running Smoothly

It’s easy to overlook how often we use our commercial garage doors, but daily wear and tear can take a noticeable toll. The average garage door moves up and down around a thousand times per year, so keeping yours in working order is very important. Here are a few tips to help you help your […]
two car garage door

Our Customer’s Favorites

We often get asked by our new residential customers which the most popular styles are based on experience from previous customers. Likewise, with their expertise, we have crafted a list of garage door styles that will fit any design philosophy that a potential client may crave. Now, here are five of the most popular picks […]